Jon Perkins - Owner

My name is Jon Perkins.  I have had no schooling what so ever in art but I do have over 20 year’s experience in the realm of tattooing.  My tattoo style is awesome, solid, good tattoos.  That is all I try and produce every time.  It does not matter what you want, I am going to give you the very best job I possibly can.  I love being a tattoo artist because it make me feel really good that people out there like my work and let me produce my own custom drawings on them as a permanent piece of art.  I do a lot of different art projects as well.  I like to use paints, charcoals, oils, and acrylics.  I doesn’t matter what you got because I can use it.  Give me some scrap cardboard and some crayons and I can give you something really neat.